Environmentally friendly

For several years our company has used renewable energy produced using hydropower.  Since 2013, we have utilised inedible oat hulls in our own biopower plant at the Vaasa plant. The thermal energy produced from the hulls replaces the need for thousands of litres of oil annually.

Hardly any water is used at all during the mill process. As such, the water footprint of Helsinki Mills’ grain products is extremely small. An exact figure is currently being calculated and we will publish the results as soon as they are complete.

All of our packaging is made from recyclable materials, and consumer packaging features clear recycling instructions. We have replaced the shrink-wrap packaging used to pack sales batches with cardboard packaging, and we are committed to further reducing our use of plastic. We will transition to the environmentally friendlier EGP printing method as new packages are printed.

Our company had already made the decision to strongly invest in organic production 25 years ago. Nowadays, we are Finland’s largest organic grain processor and around one-third of our products are organic. Although it is not possible to completely stop intensive farming because of the need to safeguard food production, we believe and hope that organic farming will continue to increase. Soil impoverishment and a loss of insect species pose significant threats to food production, and that’s why agricultural methods must be developed to combat these threats.