1. Controller

Helsinki Mills Ltd
Puurtajankatu 34, 04440 Järvenpää, Finland
tel.: +358 (0)10 802 829


2. Name of data file

Helsinki Mills marketing register


3. Purpose of and lawful basis for processing personal data

The data file is used for the direct marketing of products and services, and for organising surveys, campaigns, and competitions via Koodiviidakko Oy’s (the personal data processor) Liana®Cloud Email Marketing service. Data on the data file will not be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of the personal data processor.


4. Content of the data file

The data file may contain the following data:
– email address


5. Regular sources of data

The data file comprises Helsinki Mills’ newsletter subscriptions
– via the newsletter subscription form on the website
– newsletter subscription forms completed at trade fairs
– raffle tickets filled out at events and on which the respondent checked “I would like to subscribe to the newsletter”

Personal data is not collected on users of the website. When a user visits the website, the website may leave a cookie (text file) in the browser, which helps to show the visitor targeted Helsinki Mills’ advertising when the user visits other websites that collaborate with Google. You can manage or completely disable Google Analytics’ display advertising using the advertising preferences tool at


6. Regular disclosure of data

The controller does not disclose the data it collects to third parties, with the exception of the personal data processor (Koodiviidakko Oy). Data is not disclosed outside of the EU.


7. Duration of data storage

Data is stored on the data file until the data subject requests that the data is removed.


8. Removal of data from the data file

Data is removed from the data file upon request by the customer. All marketing messages sent to data subjects contain a link to cancel the newsletter subscription. Upon cancellation, the data subject’s data is removed from the data file. Data subjects can also request the removal of their data by contacting the controller using the aforementioned contact information.


9. Principles of data file protection

Personal data is stored as confidential. The personal data processor’s information network and device on which the data file is located are protected by a firewall and other required technical procedures. The personal data processor is responsible for the maintenance, protection, data security and storage of the data, as well as for ensuring that the data subject’s right to access their data is enforced.