Helsinki Mills is a Family owned company in 4 generations

We are a family owned Finnish milling company whose roots date back to the 17th century. We emphasize high quality standards and environmental values in our production.

Helsinki Mills Ltd. is Finland’s largest organic grain processor and a traditional family-owned company that has been manufacturing grain products for over 85 years.

We develop, market and sell various grain products to consumers, food industry, food service, food distributors and bakeries. Locally sourced, Finnish grains are our primary raw material and we use them to make flour, flakes, porridges, mueslis, cereals and meal ingredients. 

It was clear to us right from the start that we can only succeed with safe and high-quality products combined with operations that value nature and people. Environmental matters and sustainability were important to us long before they became a trend. Today, sustainability is one of our company’s most important values, and it guides our operations strongly. 

Environmental friendliness is an important part of sustainability, demonstrated by e.g. the fact that since 2020, our mill process has been completely carbon-neutral, and all our production facilities only use green electricity. We consider the environment also when choosing packaging materials. Our mills produce very little landfill waste, because the waste produced during grain cleaning is waste-to-energy waste, and packaging materials are recycled as cardboard or as waste-to-energy waste.

Helsinki Mills is a Significant Finnish Grain Processor

We have manufactured organic products for more than 25 years, and nowadays we are Finland’s largest producer of organic grain products. Around one-third of the products we manufacture are organic.

Over the decades, we have milled all the most important Finnish grains, including wheat, rye, barley, and oats. In recent years, oats have played a larger role, and we specialize in gluten-free oat products. Finnish oats are an excellent addition to a range of diets, as they are a nutritious and healthy.

Pure ingredients, the solid expertise of the millers, and modern technology all guarantee that Helsinki Mills products are top class quality.

Export matters

Exports are a key strategic focus for Helsinki Mills. We have carefully built our export market over time and are pleased to see it achieving year-on-year growth. Helsinki Mills is Finland’s largest producer of organic cereal products and a significant exporter of organic oats. Today, exports represent as much as around 35 per cent of our total turnover.

Helsinki Mills products, including flakes, oatmeal, bran, porridges, flours, baking goods and breakfast cereals are now available in some 50 countries around the world. In Finland we are known as Helsingin Mylly and internationally as Helsinki Mills Ltd. Our oats range is particularly well known and demand for our products is high on all continents.

Production plants


We mill flour and prepare a range of flour mixes and baking ingredients for food industry, food service, food distributors, bakeries and consumers at our efficient flour mill on Puurtajankatu street in Järvenpää.  The mill has its very own laboratory, where we study every incoming load of grain and every batch of flour milled at the mill. Quality and customer satisfaction guide our operations.

Next to the Järvenpää mill is a test bakery, where our product development team develops and tests new products and recipes.


At our Vaasa production facility, we manufacture flakes, bran, groats, flours and gluten-free oat products from locally sourced Finnish grains.

The heat required for the Vaasa flake plant is obtained from our own biopower plant, where we burn the inedible oat hulls produced when dehulling oats.

The biopower plant was commissioned in March 2013. As a result, all our flakes are made with 100% renewable energy. This saves approximately 250,000 litres of fuel oil each year. And because oat hulls are a production side flow product, there is no need to separately transport fuel to the mill.

The Vaasa oat mill has been expanded several times due to increasing demand for Finnish oat products and is being expanded in 2021, as well.


Our muesli and cereal plant is located in Närpiö. It is there that we make mueslis and cereals using Finnish wholegrains as the main ingredient. Helsinki Mills’ breakfast and snack range includes both regular and organic products.