Carbon neutrally manufactured

Our production processes in Vaasa, Närpiö and Järvenpää are carbon-neutral – we are the first carbon-neutral mill in Finland!

In practice, this means that we have calculated the carbon footprint produced by the energy consumption of our mills. Our mills’ combined carbon footprint (calculated to a precision of Greenhouse Gas Protocol scope 2) in 2021 was 120 tonnes, which corresponds to the annual emissions of 10 average Finns.

For years, we have used green electricity and generated the thermal energy required for producing flakes by burning oat hull waste in our own biopower plant, which has helped us to reduce our carbon footprint. It is not possible for us to further reducing our carbon footprint, so we have decided to compensate for our carbon emissions by investing in measures to slow the impact of climate change. Each year, we calculate our carbon footprint and make a compensation payment. In 2020, our emissions were compensated by a forest planting project in Ethiopia through Nordic Offset.

We have also investigated the life-cycle footprint for oats from field to store shelf, which allows us to calculate the carbon footprint of individual oat products made at the mill. This work is still ongoing, but completely carbon-neutral oat products will be available on store shelves in the future.

The company’s business activities of course involve many other operations, such as transport, warehousing and office work, and the environmental impact of this is being investigated. Once we have calculated these impacts, we can strive to reduce them and, if necessary, compensate for them through climate projects.