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Carbon-neutrally manufactured
and good all round

Helsinki Mills products are carbon-neutrally manufactured from locally grown Finnish grain. We offer delicious solutions for the whole family for any time of the day. Our product range also includes gluten-free and organic oat products.

Using Helsinki Mills products is a great choice: you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality grain product made by listening to user feedback and taking special diets into consideration. We are also committed to the UN’s sustainable development goals and we continually develop our operations to safeguard food and wellbeing in the best way possible. We want to offer everyone the best food possible – now and in the future!

First carbon-neutral mill in Finland

Helsinki Mills production processes in Vaasa, Närpiö and Järvenpää are carbon-neutral since October 2020. We are the first carbon-neutral mill in Finland.

Welcome to the farm

Helsinki Mills invites you to follow the story of gluten-free oats at Hölsö Farm in Ylistaro.